Monday, March 5, 2012


1. The first number one for the Supremes and covered by Soft Cell in 1981, name the
ANSWER: Where did our Love Go?

2. “25 years of my life and still I’m trying to get up that great big hill of hope” song title
ANSWER: What’s Up (Four Non Blondes)

3. The Title of 1987 film starring Madonna and a hit for the Eurythmics. Name the
ANSWER: Who’s that Girl?

4. John Entwistle and Pete Townshend were members of which famous band?

5. They come from a land down under and asked “Who Can It Be Now?” Name the
ANSWER: Men at Work

6. “What becomes of ____ ___________?” a chart topping cover by Robson & Jerome
in 1996.
ANSWER: the Brokenhearted

7. Complete the lyric “What if God was One of Us, _____ __ _____ like One of Us”
ANSWER: Just a Slob

8. Complete this song title from the Platters “Who Put the Bop in the ____ _____ ____?
ANSWER: Bop Shoo Bop

9. In which Guy Ritchie movie soundtrack did the Stretch hit single “Why Did You Do
It” feature in 1998.
ANSWER: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

10. Written by Barry Manilow in 1973 and famously covered by Take That in 1992 name
the song.
ANSWER: Could It be Magic?

11. “Would you marry me anyway, Would you have my baby?” the lyrics from which
well know song?
ANSWER: If I Were a Carpenter

12. This Buzzcocks song was performed by the Fine Young Cannibals for the movie
soundtrack “Something Wild” name it.
ANSWER: Ever Fallen in Love

13. “When will you say yes to me, tell me ____ _____ ____?” (hint one word thrice)
recorded by Englebert Humperdinck in 1968.
ANSWER: Quando Quando Quando

14. Van Morrison and Jim Reeves both asked “Have I Told you Lately ___ ___ ___ ___”
ANSWER: That I Love You

15. “Where is the Love?” a hit featuring vocals from Justin Timberlake by who in 2003.
ANSWER: Black Eyed Peas.


THE WINNER THIS WEEK @richlay ~ who also got the theme

In SECOND place is @BoyInTheField

In THIRD place is @Anofreak

In JOINT FOURTH place is @GruntledWampa and @ICGenie

First in to guess the theme ~ QUESTIONS ~ was this weeks #MondayMusicQuiz winner @richlay

Well done everyone and thanks for taking part. 

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