Monday, March 19, 2012


1.         “Every Day is a Winding Road” by SherylCrow was used to advertise which make of  car in 2006 and 2007?
            ANSWER:  Subaru.
2.         Who wrote the following lyrics “I’mdriving in my car, I turn on the radio”
            ANSWER:   Bruce Springsteen

3.         All she wants to do is ride around butshe’s no stranger to the Commitments.
            ANSWER:   Mustang Sally.

4          It’s small and red and needs a lovethat’s gonna last.   What is it?
            ANSWER:   Little Red Corvette.
5.         Complete this hit song title from theCars “Tonight She _______”
            ANSWER:   Comes

6.         Name the song that reached number 4 inthe UK charts for Tracy Chapman twice,              once in 1988 and again in 2011.
            ANSWER:    Fast Car.

7.         Complete the lyric “Here in my car Ifeel safest of all, I can _____ ___ ____ ____”
            ANSWER:     lock all my doors

8.         Complete the song title “Guitars,___________ and Hillbilly Music”
            ANSWER:   Cadillacs

9.         Complete the Chuck Berry lyric “Ridingalong in my automobile, my ____ beside me       atthe wheel.
            ANSWER:   Baby

10.       According to the Beach Boys “She’ll havefun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her             WHATaway”
            ANSWER:    T- Bird

11.       “I’m In Love With My Car” a track fromone of their most famous            albumsand B-side       to their most famous single.  Who are they?
            ANSWER:   Queen.

12.       “Bad to the Bone” is the opening song towhich famous Stephen King Movie?
            ANSWER:   Christine.

13.       Name the Primitives song featured in themovie Dumb and Dumber.
            ANSWER:   Crash

14.       The Eagles named a song after which1950’s icon who famously died in a car crash.
            ANSWER:   James Dean.

15.       Name the Sheryl Crow Song used as thetheme song to the Pixar movie Cars
            ANSWER:    Real Gone


In SECOND place is @Anofreak

In THIRD place is @Fifi_the_Witch

In FOURTH place is @anandastrange

In JOINT FIFTH place is @mrsilverfox AND @itsmeeeXD

First in to guess the theme ~ CARS ~ was @anandastrange

Well done everyone and thanks for taking part.

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