Monday, January 9, 2012


Thanks to everyone who took part in my first #MondayMusicQuiz

As it was my first, all the questions/answers relate to first, one, 1.  Next week it will be more varied!

So, here's the questions & answers:

1.  Song title: is it getting better or do you feel the same.  ANSWER: One (U2)

2.  Whose debut album was First and Last and Always in 1975.  ANSWER: Sisters of Mercy

3.  It was a hot afternoon, last day of June ~ song title.  ANSWER: Summer the First Time

4.  Who had The Number One Song in Heaven in 1979.  ANSWER: Sparks

5.  "? And ? Is ?"  ~ Missing word/s.  ANSWER: One

6.  Never could believe the things you do to me ~ Hot Chocolate, song title please.  ANSWER: Everyones A Winner

7.  One Night in Bangkok was from which musical.  ANSWER: Chess

8.  One of These Nights was a hit for who in 1975?  ANSWER: The Eagles

9.  First hit single for REM from the album 'Document'.  ANSWER: The One I love

10. The song 'One Love' was from which Bob Marley album?  ANSWER: Exodus

11. '? Fine Day' hit single for The Chiffons in 1963.  ANSWER: One

12. One of Us Must Know. A 1966 hit for which singer/songwriter?  ANSWER: Bob Dylan

13. Robert Flack hit which featured in the movie Play Misty For Me.  ANSWER: First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

14. One Night in Heaven by M People.  What year?  ANSWER: 1993

15. Who had the hit single with the song in Q7 in tonight's MondayMusicQuiz.  ANSWER: Murray Head


In joint FOURTH place: @sylviabowe and @ChrisMallingArt

In THIRD place @MrOliverMellors

In SECOND place @voodoo47

AND THE WINNER ... *drum roll*


Well done everyone!!!

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