Monday, April 2, 2012


1.  Complete the title of this Doobie Brossong co-written by Michael McDonald and KennyLoggins “What a Fool ________”
ANSWER:   Believes

2.  Name the Scottish band who had a 1985hit with the song “April Skies”.
ANSWER:   The Jesus and Mary Chain.

3.  "We’ll be fighting in the street withour children at our feet” is the first line of which  famous rock anthem?
ANSWER:  Won’t Get Fooled Again.

4.  This famous US soul singer was shotdead by his father  on 1st April 1984.
ANSWER: Marvin Gaye

5.  Lovefool was a 1996 hit single forwhich Swedish Band?
ANSWER:    The Cardigans

6.  “Wise men say only fools rush in” theopening line from which famous love song?
ANSWER:  Can’tHelp Falling In Love (With You).

7.  “Day after day, Alone on a Hill, theman with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still”  from which Beatles song
ANSWER:   The Fool on the Hill

8.  “Everybody’s Fool” was a UK hit in 2004for which American Rock band?
ANSWER:   Evanescence

9.  She was born on 1st April1961 and famously Dreamed a Dream.   Whois she?
ANSWER:   Susan Boyle

10.  Named after a song by Three Dog Nightname this 2003 movie starring Katie Holmes
ANSWER:   Pieces of April

11.  Complete the title of this hit from ElvinBishop “Fooled Around and _____ __  ___”           
ANSWER:  Fell in Love.

12.  Complete the title of this single releasefrom British Rock Band Whitesnake “Fool             _________ ____”
ANSWER:  For Your Loving”          

13.  “Fool for the City” was the title of a1970’s single and Album for which British Rock Band?
ANSWER:   Foghat

14.  Complete the title of 1998 movie namedafter a song by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers“Why Do Fools ____ ____ ____”
ANSWER:   Fall in Love

15.  "Nobody’s Fool” the theme song to themovie Caddyshack was a US hit written and recorded by who?
ANSWER:   Kenny Loggins.

The WINNER this week was @Trudski2012

In second place this week was @Julesrowe77

In third place this week was @BoyInTheField

In fourth place this week was @Ross_Lawson

In fifth place this week was @GruntledWampa

And first in with the theme ~ APRIL FOOL ~ was @RiojaPlease

Well done everyone.

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