Monday, July 22, 2013


I had been thinking about stopping using the hashtag for a couple of weeks now.

At the moment, everyone playing Monday Music Quiz must use the hashtag #MondayMusicQuiz in their answer or it doesn't appear in my timeline and therefore not counted.

My thoughts on changing it to only the @MondayMusicQuiz (quickly accessed by hitting Reply ~ see below) was to help those slower at typing (ie those who actually had to type out #MondayMusicQuiz each time they answered), and even those who more easily and quickly simply have the #MondayMusicQuiz copied and pasted with each answer.

Much quicker, and easier for our players, is simply hitting the "Reply" square on the MondayMusicQuiz avatar which of course accompanies each question I tweet.

As the tweets appear on tweetdeck:

Move your cursor over the Monday Music Quiz avatar and pick the top left cube "Reply to MondayMusicQuiz" and click on it and then type in your answer to the question.

Much simpler and much quicker and much less bother.

By the way, the thing that cemented the dropping of the hashtag for me was a discussion with @owlbird who had tweeted she was no longer going to do quizzes using only the hashtag.  Given my thoughts on it over the past 2 weeks I tweeted to ask her why and she told me that using the hashtag in a quiz only blocks up her timeline and may be annoying to her followers.

So, that's it folks.  Bye bye hashtag and possibly annoying your followers not playing and hello "Reply to MondayMusicQuiz" and the @ to speed everyone up and keep everyone happy.

See you all at 8.30!

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