Monday, July 2, 2012

MONDAY MUSIC QUIZ THEME ~ Monday 2nd July 2012

Those who take part in the Monday Music Quiz will know that guessing The Theme each week is a bit of fun and not done until after Q15 (the last question) is tweeted.

This week however, we are being a little bit good and a little bit evil.


~ Guessing The Theme will gain the first in with it FIVE points.


~ Guessing it wrongly with LOSE FIVE points.

So, do you guess The Theme and if you're right you gain FIVE points or do you wait and possibly let someone else get the five precious points.

And you must remember too that tweeting The Theme early MAY help the other people playing by giving them a thread of thought which will help them with the questions tweeted after you guessed.

What a dilemma!

Oh, nearly forgot to add more pain, we won't be tweeting who guessed The Theme correctly until AFTER question 15!

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